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Zara’s Restaurant has been a dream of mine since I moved to the United States in 1983 with my husband. As a Pakistani who married into a Kashmiri family, my passion for cooking has always been rooted in quality, community, and tradition. After working in the restaurant business for over 30 years, I decided to pursue my dream of bringing a taste of home to the U.S.


Zara’s Restaurant is an authentic and unique Pakistani cuisine in an elegant setting that offers rich savory flavors, clay oven cooking, and a colorful assortment of spices. Our barbecued chicken, kabobs, and lamb are delicately marinated and cooked over a flame, creating a taste that cannot be found in an ordinary kitchen.


I named Zara’s Restaurant after my first granddaughter, and you can trust that we serve our food with love and pride. We invite you to join us for a memorable dining experience!



Kausar S Dar

Our Story

In the Kitchen

Clay ovens & barbecue grills where food is cooked by fire. Cooking food from the roots of culinary art and bringing that to a fine dining environment. 

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